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Special Products

 This section feature some very difficult to find products but which are available from Science Team. Current products featured are :

Special Product Features

Tissue Culture Rack
Stainless steel tissue culture rack for 64 numbers of 16mm culture tubes. When in used, the tubes will slant at 5 degrees angle for incubation.
  • Stainless Steel
  • For Slanting 16mm culture tubes in a fixed position at 5 degree angle for incubation
  • Stainless steel spring threaded through rack : spring passes across each hole at back, requiring that tube displace it when being inserted, spring holds tubes firmly in place even when rack is inverted for emptying tube contents
  • Upper shelf projects about 8mm to front. This projection establishes a 5 degrees angle when rack is set on its side to distribute fluid medium
  • Rack has finger holes in ends for handling
  • Overall dimensions :  413 x 114 x 108 mm 
Screening Tube
Screening tube is a glass tube with 8mm diameter hole at the bottom of the tube. Usage : place tube inside another centrifuge tube and the whole assembly in a centrifuge for Plasticizer work.